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Sanitary Pressure Gauge Sanitary Pressure Gauge
Sanitary Pressure Gauge Sanitary Pressure Gauge
Sanitary Pressure Gauge Sanitary Pressure Gauge

Sanitary Pressure Gauge

  • C type 

  • bottom 

  • put-in 

  • flat plug 

  • 1000pcs 

  • Jiangsu, China


  • YN60

  • Stainless steel sanitary oil fillable diaphragm pressure gauge


  • CE,IS9001,KS

  • CN

  • 316/304 Stainless Steel

  • 2.5","4"(100mm)

  • 1.6%

Product Description


· Designed for food, beverage & dairy and pharmaceutical applications


Special Features

· Stainless steel case with liquid filling

· Food grade glycerin filling standard



· This pressure gauge has been designed specifically for the highest safety requirements in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

· The pressure gauge in hygienic design can be used for CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (sterilisation in place) and in wash-down areas, or it can be completely sterilised in an autoclave. The measuring instrument can thus be cleaned reliably and time-efficiently.


Product Specifications


Dial 2.5″ (63mm), 4″ (100mm) aluminum
Case 304 SS, polished
Bezel 304 SS, polished
Lens Polycarbonate
Connection 0.75″, 1.5″ or 2″ Tri-Clamp®
Over Pressure Limit

25% up to 600 psi (41 bar),

15% over 600 psi (41 bar)

CIP Temperature Limit 250°F (121°C) continuous
SIP Temperature Limit 266°F (130°C) 1 hour, dry
Bourdon Tube 316 SS
Socket 316 SS
Movement 304 SS
Enclosure Rating IP65/NEMA 4X
System Fill Food grade glycerin standard (Mineral oil, silicone and Neobee-20 optional)
Case Fill Food grade glycerin standard (Dry, mineral oil, silicone and Neobee-20 optional)
Re-zero Feature Adjustable micrometer pointer (4″ dial only)
Wetted Parts 316L SS, Ra=8 microinches
Ambient Temperature Glycerin filled: 40°F to 150°F (4°C to 65°C)
Process Temperature 0°F to 250°F (-18°C to 121°C)

2.5″ (63mm): ±1.5% of full scale

4″ (100mm): ±1.0% of full scale

Agency Compliance 3A standard 74-06


Sanitary Pressure Gauge1

Sanitary Pressure Gauge2


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